Call for Proposals for Waste Management Sector in Jordan closing date 21 March 2021

Southern Africa Youth Project has published the Call for Proposals for Waste Management Sector in Jordan closing date 21 March 2021

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  • Eligible Country: Jordan 
  • Closing Date: 21 March 2021
  • Categories of Organisations: All organisations 
  • Opportunity Type: Call for proposal
  • Submit Application: Online
  • Inviting Company/Donor: United Nations Development Programme
  • Website for Application and information:  Click Here 


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has announced a call for proposals for Enhancing Women Participation in Solid Waste Management Sector to improve the socio-economic empowerment, well-being and stability of rural women in Northern Jordan, especially in the Solid Waste Management (SWM) sector.

The programme seeks to provide resilience-based development solutions for local economic recovery, including green economy opportunities and enabling equitable access to financial service solutions to ensure no one is left behind. The core of its programme strategy embraces a mid- to long-term approach to self -reliance for all including refugees.
The design of the project is built around three tracks:
  • Enhancing and strengthening the role of CB0s/CSOs to enable such organizations to work effectively and efficiently with women within the targeted communities to become a vehicle for women and women’s voices in decision-making processes.
  • Provision of financial support to the CB0s/CSOs and Cooperatives to start working on increasing participation of women in the local economy, particularly in/ or linked to the solid waste sector, through designing and managing green business groups’ projects.
  • Working with national and local government to enhance gender informed and responsive policy making in SWM at local and national levels.
The “Enhancing Women Participation in the Solid Waste Management Sector in Jordan” project is designed to utilize and upscale the UNDP’s expertise in the solid waste management and related local market dimensions to provide interventions aiming at empowering women economically, strengthening their voice and representation at the local level, and enhance the institutional capacities to accompany this process. Furthermore, this project will benefit from UNDP’s global and regional experience in implementing such projects. It will also link and build on other relevant interventions implemented by other international organizations, government, and others.
Funding Information
  • Proposals amounts should not exceed 230,000 USD.
  • Project duration will not exceed 21 months.
  • Applying to this Call for Proposal is open for International Non-Governmental Organizations (ING0s) and National Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
  • Experience in implementing projects targeting Jordanians, particularly women (at least 3 years).
  • Successful track history with past/ongoing projects in the designated areas and targeted municipalities.
  • Solid experience in women’s economic empowerment and the solid waste management sector.
  • Proven results-based approach in designing and conducting women’s economic empowerment activities particularly in the solid waste management sector, business development, SMEs and HBBs, intensive experience in capacity development, and community outreach (minimum of three years). Proven track record of at least three recent successful implementations of similar projects including references.
  • Proven track record in the successful application of market-based approach.
  • Proven track record in using a value chain approach in identifying profitable business opportunities and potential partnerships.
  • Proven track record in green business development and successful support service provision to women led micro, small businesses and for-profit cooperatives.
  • Experience in implementing advocacy initiatives, awareness raising, community outreach and engaging with local Community-Based Organizations, Civil Society organizations, NGOs and local authorities (three years minimum).
  • Proven previous experience implementing projects in partnership with UN agencies and International organizations.
For more information, visit UNDP.

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