VAT Registration

The leading and best VAT Registration Entity in Africa.

Are you looking for VAT Registration for your business or yourself.

If your answer is yes then look no further because Southern Africa Youth Business is the leading institution when it comes to Value Added Tax – VAT Registration.

If you need VAT Registration Services send an email to or call us at + 27 11 071 1903 or you can chat with us on the green button on the right side.

Southern Africa Youth Project provides VAT Registration Services for

  • Government Departments VAT Registration.
  • Private and Public Company VAT Registration.
  • Non Profit Organisations VAT Registration.

We have one of the best and leading Tax Practitioners in Africa.

Who are always available to make this a little bit easier for you.

We will be sharing the most important information about VAT Registration and why it is important for you and your business.

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