United States Stayton City Council inviting Applications for Community Improvement Grants

Community Improvement Grants

Starting in 2018, the Stayton City Council allocated money from the General Fund to the Neighborhood Improvement Grant program. In 2019 the Neighborhood Improvement Grant program was combined with the Community Grants the city had provided to local non-profit organizations.  Funding for the Community Improvement Grants comes from the City’s general fund budget. Money will become available on July 1 and must be disbursed and spent before June 30.

This initiative is designed to improve communication between neighborhoods and City government, and to forge partnerships to address neighborhood issues. The grant program is intended to fund items such as landscape improvements, neighborhood social events, and public art installations. Groups of at least three neighbors may apply for funding for projects that benefit a clearly defined geographic area within Stayton city limits. The group must authorize one individual to manage the grant contracts and funds.

This is a competitive grant program. Applications are reviewed by City staff and selected grants are awarded by the City Council. Grant amounts are expected to be in the range of $1,000 to $5,000 each.

In FY19, the first year of the program, two applications were submitted and one was funded and one was partially funded.  A group of neighbors from the Westown neighborhood submitted an application for improvements to the playground in Westown Park and for sidewalk repairs.  Using Neighborhood Improvement Grant funds, the Public Works Department made the playground improvements in Westown Park.  A group of neighbors in the Sylvan Springs neighborhood submitted an application for improvement and maintenance of the walking path and open space along Lucas Ditch.  Overgrown vegetation was cut back, a bench installed, and solar lights were installed along the path.

In FY20, seven applications were received and six projects were funded.  Neighbors in Westown again received funding for repairs and improvements to the wall along Gardner Ave.  The Sylvan Springs neighborhood continued  their improvement and maintenance of the walking path, extending the solar lights and doing some repaving.  The Stayton Area Food Bank received funds for signage at the new location of the Food Bank, on Wilco Road.  Neighbors in the Jefferson Place subdivision received funds for trimming the street trees on E Santiam St.  Revitalize Downtown Stayton received funds for the placement of historic plaques in the downtown area.  Finally, the Stayton Community Emergency Response Team received funds for equipment and supplies.

The application period for 2020-21 Community Improvement Grant is October 5th through November 27th.  This year’s grant application is available for download below, as well as an informational brochure regarding the grant program.  Applications must be submitted by email to dfleishman@ci.stayton.or.us.

For additional information or questions on the program, contact Dan Fleishman in the Planning and Development Department.  Dan can be reached at dfleishman@ci.stayton.or.us or (503) 769-2998.

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