United States Call for LOIs: 2020 COVID-19 Recovery, Preparedness, and Transformation – Round 2 06-Nov-2020

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation seeks Letters of Intent (LOIs) from eligible organizations for their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, to prepare for a potential second wave or future crisis, or to transform their operations for future success.

As a short-term response to COVID-19, the Paso del Norte Health Foundation has:
  • Participated on community committees and task forces related to the immediate response
  • Produced mass and social media health messages in partnership with the City of El Paso
  • Granted funding to procure personal protection equipment
  • Allowed current grant flexibility to address immediate needs
  • Partnered with the Paso del Norte Community Foundation on grantmaking efforts to support COVID-19-related response including the provision of cleaning supplies for homeless shelters
As the Paso del Norte region begins to emerge from the devastating immediate impacts of COVID-19, the Health Foundation seeks to support non-profit organizations in their organizational recovery, preparedness, and transformation through grant funding and technical assistance.
Paso del Norte non-profit organizations might consider recovery, preparedness, and transformation in light of Hedrick Consulting’s COVID-19 and the Future of Work: Four Scenarios.
Eligibility Criteria
Non-profit agencies 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1), 509(a)(3), international organizations designated by executive order, or exempt operating foundations; organizations formed outside the United States, Private Non-Operating Foundations, Veterans Groups under 501(c)(19), Fraternal orders under 501(c)(10), Trade Associations under 501(c)(6), Labor Unions under Section 501(c)(5), and Social Welfare Organizations under Section 501(c)(4) within the Paso del Norte region are eligible to apply.
For more information, visit Paso del Norte Health Foundation.

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