UIF Administration

Unemployment Insurance Fund UIF UIF Administration is very important for your business.

As an entrepreneur or business or an organisation you may be sued by the CCMA and the Department of Labour for not paying UIF fees for the employees.

Why do I need Unemployment Insurance Fund UIF Administration from Southern Africa Youth Business

  • Southern Africa Youth Business manage the monthly calculations for your employees and the amount the company should pay.
  • Southern Africa Youth Business conducts monthly Unemployment Insurance Reporting on your behalf.
  • Southern Africa Youth Business will be able to provide reports whenever there are annual audits and investigations are done on your business.
  • Southern Africa Youth Business will provide advisory on how much you should pay after the payroll date.
  • Southern Africa Youth Business will be your Secretary to ensure that you comply with your monthly obligations.
  • We will be your push to ensure that you do things right.

When you retrench employees

  • When you cannot afford to pay your employees they can go and claim with UIF.

    The UIF will be your insurance for Your employees


Maternity leave for your male and female employees

Termination of long term employees

When employees go on pension

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