Did you know that you also have to submit Personal Tax Returns

Southern Africa Youth Business is a lead when it comes to delivering and offering Personal Tax Administration Services for businesses, non-profit organisations and individual businesses.

Every year South African Revenue Services (SARS) requires you to go in and submit a Personal Tax Return.

This means that even when your employer has paid your tax or submitted your tax you still need to go in and submit.

This can be a pain especially if you get income from rents, bonuses, side businesses and consulting services.

At Southern Africa Youth Business we provide Personal Tax Administration Services on your behalf so that you do not have to worry with long queues and long questions to answer.

Speak to us to help you with this process.

Saving expenses and income
At Southern Africa Youth Business we do Personal Tax Administration Services as follows:
  • We provide Annual Personal Tax Administration
  • We provide Annual Income Tax Returns to SARS
  • We provide IRP5 services on your behalf.
  • We conduct Income Tax Return IT3a on your behalf.
  • We do twice per year submission on your behalf.
  • We queue at SARS for you and respond to all the queries.
  • We advice you on the issues that are arising.
  • We advice you on payment options for your returns.
  • We do this for you every year.
  • We remind you on time about your Personal Tax Returns.
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