Nigeria CTCN inviting Proposals for Climate Innovation Labs 05-Nov-2020



A project supported by the United Nations & the European Union.

Open call for creating technology solutions for enhanced climate action.

 Join the Virtual Event 

Revolving around two three-day online events, one in Africa and another one in Asia Pacific, Climate Innovation Labs will give a chance to its participants to work side-by-side with climate technology experts from small and medium-sized enterprises to explore innovative design thinking tools, flexing their entrepreneurial muscle and creating solutions for enhanced climate action.

Learn more about the eligibility criteria below.

Why Climate Innovation Labs?

Be part of the change you want to see in the world. The solutions will support the work of industrial SMEs to develop and adopt environmentally sound technologies by identifying synergies with the CTCN’s work.

 Who Can Participate? 

  • Between 20 and 30 years old
  • Fluent in the English language
  • Attending or have completed higher education
  • Aspiring or early-stage entrepreneurs or students interested in launching an idea on climate change and building entrepreneurial muscle
  • Passionate about solving climate technology needs and challenges in Africa or Asia Pacific, especially those listed in the focus challenges below

 Focus Challenges 

You will have the opportunity to work with climate technology experts on one of these challenges.

Climate change effects

Drought, floods, deforestation, heatwaves, landslides

 Access to capital and partnership

 Lack of human resources knowledgeable about climate technology

Lack of infrastructure to enable sustainable growth in the sector

 Lack of awareness about the impact of climate change

 Access to raw materials and equipment to build products used in climate change mitigation

Access to scientific laboratories

Winner Prizes 

What can you win?

You’ll get a chance to receive follow-on support to implement and scale your solution through a 6-8 week Climate Innovation Academy Program delivered by Seedstars.

This is a perfect chance to turn your idea into a real business thanks to the expertise and mentorship provided throughout the virtual program!


16 October

Launch Of Open Call

5 November

Close Of Application

19 – 21 November

Africa Launchpad

3 -5 December

Asia Pacific Launchpad


Academy Progr

 Participation benefits 

  • Better understand the needs faced by SMEs in addressing climate change
  • Understand how innovative solutions can be a key force in tackling climate change challenges
  • Learn the lean startup methodology and execution of theory    
  • Learn tools and frameworks to build and test, including hypothesis testing with customers
  • Learn how to pitch their idea to a jury and receive feedback from peers & mento
  • Your ideas can change the world!

    Apply to the event and make a difference in your society!

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