Call for Proposals for Human Rights in West Africa ate closing date 15 May 2021

Southern Africa Youth Project has published the Call for Proposals for Human Rights in West Africa ate closing date 15 May 2021

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  • Eligible Country: West Africa
  • Closing Date: 15 May 2021
  • Categories of Organisations: All organisations 
  • Opportunity Type: Call for proposal
  • Submit Application: Online
  • Inviting Company/Donor: OSIWA
  • Email for Application and information:  Click Here 


Through tools including grants, advocacy, litigation, partnership building, knowledge generation / research, and technical assistance, OSIWA fosters citizen participation in the building of a region that is freer, more vibrant and more tolerant. We are firm in the belief that citizen participation is the cornerstone of democracy.

OSIWA plays a dual role in the region as both an advocate and grant-maker by enabling itself to be agenda-setters both within and alongside other organizations working on the ground. The Foundation works through a unique combination of grant making, advocacy, partnership building and technical assistance.

Type of project: OSIWA works to support the creation of open societies in West Africa marked by functioning democracy, good governance, the rule of law, basic freedoms, and widespread civic participation. OSIWA seeks proposals aimed at achieving the following specific themes: Economic Justice; Democratic Governance; Equality, Justice and Human Rights.

Location: West Africa

Eligibility: OSIWA primarily awards grants to local organizations based in West Africa. In rare and limited circumstances, OSIWA provides support to West Africa-based international organizations with a strong commitment to transferring knowledge to local groups they partner with. Our grants also go to government institutions as well as regional and sub-regional organizations working in our core priority areas.

Closing date: 15 May

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