Call for Proposals for GBV Referral in Indonesia closing date 01 March 2021

Southern Africa Youth Project has published the Call for Proposals for GBV Referral in Indonesia closing date 01 March 2021

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  • Eligible Country: Indonesia
  • Closing Date: 01 March 2021
  • Categories of Organisations: All organisations 
  • Opportunity Type: Call for proposal
  • Submit Application: Online
  • Inviting Company/Donor: The United Nations Development Programme
  • Website for Application and information:  Click Here 


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) hereby invites you to participate in a Call for Proposals for CSO/NGO to support RESTORE (Response Toward Resilience) project, Strengthening GBV Referral Pathway In the Context of COVID 19 Pandemic Phase 2.

In the framework of COVID19 response program, under the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Unit (RRU), the phase 2 intervention will be conducted to continue the works of phase 1 and scale up the strategy & coverage of target groups. With UNDP’s experiences, they will support the strengthening public services for vulnerable and marginalised group including people with disability, especially who have risks to violence against women and girl. In phase 2 , the project’s intervention will set more condense strategy on GESI (Gender and Social Inclusion) and set pool best rpactices and roles model via the establishment of centre of excellence.

The 2nd phase intervention of Strengthening GBV Referral pathway will focus to:
  • Continue the 1st phase intervention, that aims to seek the legalization of drafted SOPs on GBV case handling in COVID19 pandemic situation, at 9 target locations, facilitated previously by UNDP together with UHAMKA.
  • Scale up the assistances to the Justice Institution i.e. Police in target locations, to conduct operating standard and procedure of GBV/VAWG case handling, with specific target beneficiaries of people with disability
  • To build networks and advocacy with relevant Government, at national and local governments/institutions, Gender Stakeholders, People with Disability Organization, Religious leaders, Education stakeholders, Community leaders, and Men groups.
  • To develop communication strategies, tools, and conducting outreach to target groups, for raising awareness and knowledge in target locations. The communication strategy/model, tools/products should be inclusive and consider the needs of the target group audiences.
  • Extent the campaign and awareness raising on GBV/VAWG prevention, and VAWG Referral/Reporting Channels to youth, community at grass root level, and other key actors/community leaders/agent of changes.
  • UNDP will support the development Centre of Excellence on Inclusive Prevention of VAWG, that able to offer sustainable and innovative solutions in strengthening the GBV referral Pathways and contributing the strengthening ecosystem to prevent GBV during crisis and beyond crisis.
Expected Output 
  • Finalization and Legalized operation procedure on GBV case handling, consider the pandemic COVID19, as a continuation of intervention in Phase 1;
  • Standard and procedure of VAWG case handling of People with Disability in Police Unit, is developed
  • Technical assistances are provided for GBV /VAW service provider in Jakarta, POS SAPA-DPPA, to reach coverage of its target beneficiaries such as youth group in target universities and Community members in target sub district
  • Gender and social inclusive communication strategies, tools/products, and the socialization events conducted to outreach 10,000 target group of people
  • The establishment Centre of Excellence, especially to offer solutions in outreaching massive youth groups and gather young people’s contribution for the prevention VAWG, and to showcase best practices in building the resilient of GBV referral pathway. The Centre of Excellence will play role as pool of best practices and communication channels in relevant to VAWG prevention, using digital technology when is required.
Target Beneficiaries
  • Learning from the success of 1st phase, UNDP will scale up to outreach 10,000 vulnerable people and agent of changes to receive benefits, including raised knowledge from the project. On the other hand, UNDP will support the enhancing skills of the apparatus, officers at reporting desks in Police, local hospitals, Women and Child Protection units, including reporting channels in communities’ level and Campus/University-base.
  • Target group of beneficiaries will include women, youth, people with disability, who are at vulnerable risk of GBV/VAW. The intervention will engage representation of gender machinery, the MOWECP and Local Agency Women’s Protection, gender key stakeholders and other representative of vulnerable group such as Organisation of People with Disability.
Eligibility Criteria
The grant recipient (civil society or non-governmental organization, academia) with experience as follows:
  • At least 10 years or more of work experience in conducting research in the area of gender, poverty and other development issues in Indonesia. The proposal must include structure of Team Leader and members and their educational background and areas of expertise.
  • Have experience in providing policy inputs to government in area of gender, poverty and other development issues in Indonesia
  • Should at least have strong networks with government, institution and stakeholders in area of gender equality and GBV prevention and referral mechanism in Indonesia
  • Have strong network with community-based organization, members, etc. including religious-based institutions such as in education sector, community development, women organization.
  • Have familiarity with gender, including GBV, policies in selected target areas
For more information, visit UNDP.

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