Ethiopia UNDRR Call for Proposals: Disaster Risk and Displacement 04-Nov-2020

UNDRR invites not profit-making organisations to submit grant proposals that focus on the project “Disaster risk and displacement in Ethiopia – strengthening the vulnerability component in the assessments of disaster displacement risk”.

UNDRR is the United Nations’ focal point for the coordination of disaster risk reduction, working with countries and a broad range of partners and stakeholders to support the implementation, monitoring and review of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 in coherence with the 2030 Agenda and other instruments, for the multi hazard management of disaster risk in development and the substantial reduction of disaster risk and losses.

UNDRR issues grants, in line with UN Financial Regulations and Rules, to apolitical and not profit-making organizations to facilitate, implement, or carry out activities related to UNDRR’s and the partner’s mandates and work programme.

The aim of this project is therefore to contribute conceptually and methodologically to the assessment of displacement risk, bringing into focus ways to better integrate aspects of vulnerability. A geographical focus is put on the Greater Horn of Africa and Ethiopia.  


  • Provide a comprehensive overview of existing approaches, tool and data used to assess the risk of disaster displacement in the Horn of Africa;
  • develop methodological recommendations to integrate multidimensional vulnerability and resilience data into the assessment of disaster risk and disaster displacement risk and into DRR planning in the Horn of Africa and in Ethiopia;
  • Through extensive consultations with stakeholders working on DRR and displacement, develop a resource to contribute to DRR, climate change adaptation and displacement/migration planning in Ethiopia and at the IGAD level


  • DRR stakeholders engaged in DRR and migration work in Ethiopia and in the IGAD region benefit from global good practice on assessing the vulnerability and resilience of populations and ecosystems for assessing disaster-related displacement risk
  • The vulnerability component in risk assessment and assessment of disaster displacement risk is strengthened and promoted through critical discussion among key national and regional stakeholders;
  • Policy and planning in the domain of DRR and displacement/ forced migration benefit from improved risk information.

Suggested Activities

Activity 1: Inception

This activity will aim to ensure maximal engagement of UNDRR’s partners and both DRR and migration stakeholders in Ethiopia and IGAD. This will be done through a consultative process to confirm the scope, methodology and timeline for the work.

Activity 2: Review of good practices

A review of good practices will be undertaken to analyze existing conceptual and methodological approaches to assess disaster risk and specifically disaster displacement risk. Specific focus will be on vulnerability, adaptive capacity and resilience of individuals, households, and communities who are at risk of hazards.

Activity 3: Development of recommendations and guidelines to integrate robust analysis of vulnerability into the assessment of disaster-related displacement risks in Ethiopia and at IGAD level.

Elaborate methodological and practical recommendations to advance the collection of data and assessment of disaster displacement risk in Ethiopia and for the IGAD region with the aim to strengthen the vulnerability component in risk assessment in the context of assessing disaster displacement risk.  

Funding Information

  • The duration of the proposed project cannot exceed 8 months.
  • The maximum amount requested from UNDRR for the implementation of this project cannot exceed 80,000USD. 

For more information, visit UNDRR.

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