Call for Proposals for Community Grants Scheme in Ireland closing date 07 April 2021

Southern Africa Youth Project has published the Call for Proposals for Community Grants Scheme in Ireland closing date 07 April 2021

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  • Eligible Country: Ireland
  • Closing Date: 07 April 2021
  • Categories of Organisations: All organisations 
  • Opportunity Type: Call for proposal
  • Submit Application: Online
  • Inviting Company/Donor: The Kildare County Council
  • Website for Application and information:  Click Here 


The Kildare County Council is pleased to announce Community Grants Scheme 2021to provide a simple, clear and concise reference document for grants schemes administered by the Economic, Community and Cultural Development Department of Kildare County Council.

The community grants schemes are designed to provide financial assistance to voluntary community groups engaged in the planning, organisation and roll-out of activities, events or projects which encourage local community participation and development in County Kildare.

Funding Information

Community Grants Scheme:€3,000

Eligibility Criteria

The Community Grants Scheme is open to all not-for-profit groups engaged in activities or projects which encourage community participation, volunteerism and benefit local communities in County Kildare.

Criteria used in assessing Community Grant Applications

  • The available budget versus the number of applications.
  • Evidence of local need and benefit to the community.
  • Level of community participation in the project/event.
  • Volunteering element.
  • Social inclusion/accessibility aspects of the project/event.
  • Environmental sustainability (e.g. reduces, re-use, recycle)
  • The applicant’s capacity to deliver the project or run the event.
  • Use of innovation or imaginative approaches.
  • Clear evidence of costs/quotations for all elements.
  • Funding from the group’s own or other sources.
  • Ability to deliver project in the event of partial funding.
  • Overall quality of the application.

Final approval to all grants awards proposed is given by the elected members of Kildare County Council, after which a letter of award will issue to your group.

Important Dates
Post Date – 16-Mar-2021
Deadline Date – 07-Apr-2021
Donor Name
Kildare County Council
Grant Size
$1000 to $10,000
Reference URL

For more information, visit Kildare County Council.


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