Call for Proposals for Community Foundation in United States closing date 05 March 2021

Southern Africa Youth Project has published the Call for Proposals for Community Foundation in United States closing date 05 March 2021

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  • Eligible Country: United States 
  • Closing Date: 05 March 2021
  • Categories of Organisations: All organisations 
  • Opportunity Type: Call for proposal
  • Submit Application: Online
  • Inviting Company/Donor: Orcas Island Community Foundation Grant
  • Website for Application and information:  Click Here 


Applications are now open for the Orcas Island Community Foundation Grant Program to foster philanthropy to enhance the quality of life on Orcas Island.

OICF will consider applications that cover part of a nonprofit’s critical or general operating funds. OICF wishes to help nonprofits become healthy, effective, and efficient—and be good stewards of community resources. They will likely not consider multiple requests in the same cycle, unless your organization serves as a fiscal sponsor for program(s).

Funding Information

While grants have ranged from $500 to $25,000, the average amount is $3,000 to $8,000; $15,000 is a fairly large grant for their Annual Grants Cycle.

What types of projects are funded?

  • Onetime, non-recurring expenditures, specific capital needs, and project-related expenses for programs are given equal consideration.
  • Part of a nonprofit’s general operating funds if the applicant can demonstrate compelling need.
  • OICF encourages nonprofit applicants to work collaboratively in developing projects to benefit the Orcas Island community. If an application is being made for a collaborative effort, it must include letters of support from the Boards of all organizations involved.
  • Requests for funding for projects of two or three years’ duration will be considered. Funds may be dispersed yearly, subject to reporting, due diligence and other requirements imposed by OICF.
  • No grants are made for political purposes.
  • No grants are made for general fund drives, for endowments, or for fundraising expenses or charitable appeals.
  • Think about fun projects, too, perhaps more whimsical for excitement and joy. The combination of serious and fun proposals is what makes the catalog model successful.
  • No requests for scholarships.

Other Consideration

  • Grant approval is based on an evaluation of the significance of a project, its purpose, its likelihood of success, and its potential benefit to the Orcas Island community.
  • OICF has limited funds available, and a large number of requests for valuable projects. While recognizing that multi-year funding may enable an organization or a project to succeed, they discourage nonprofits from applying repeatedly for continuing funding of the same project. If an applicant predicts that a project will require more than one year to succeed, they encourage the applicant to apply for a multi-year grant.
  • Please be concise when composing the application; supply all requested attachments including a current financial statement and annual budget for requests over $3500.
  • They may ask to review your organization’s most recent IRS Form 990, but please do not submit the 990 with your application.

Who qualifies for OICF Annual Grants?

  • Applicants must be qualified nonprofit organizations (usually Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) organizations). No grants are made to individuals, private foundations, or for-profit enterprises.
  • They are precluded from making grants to any religious organization if the funds would be used in whole or in part for religious purposes.
  • Grants are not made to any group that discriminates on the basis of age, color, race, national origin, gender identity, marital status, sensory, mental or physical ability, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.
  • No grants are made to conduit organizations which pass funds through to other organizations for distribution to ultimate beneficiaries of their own choosing (e.g., United Way).
  • Grant requests are not retroactive; i.e. requests must be for a project or activity that is planned for the future.
  • Each organization can make only one request per grant cycle, unless there are programs within your organization for which your org is a fiscal sponsor.

For more information, visit Orcas Island Community Foundation.

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