Did you submit or forgot to submit your Returns?

Southern Africa Youth Business is a lead when it comes to delivering and offering Annual Returns Services for businesses, non-profit organisations and individual businesses.

Annual Returns are so important to government. When the government does not receive returns they cannot continue their operations.

SARS, UIF, COIDA, Department of Labour, CIPC, Department of Social Development.

Are now strict to organisations and companies to who do not submit their Annual Returns and Reports.

At Southern Africa Youth Business we ensure that you submit to all partners at once.

Businesswoman reading report papers in office
At Southern Africa Youth Business we do Annual Returns and Report Services as follows:
  • Non-Profit Organisation Narrative Report: We compile and submit an annual Narrative Report to the Department of Social Development on your behalf.
  • CIPC Annual Returns: We submit Annual Returns to the CIPC on your behalf ensuring that you pay all the fees and report on time.
  • IRP6 Provisional Tax Return: We submit the IRP6 Tax Return is submitted for people or businesses who receives interests on account or have savings accounts.
  • IRP6 Tax Return for non-operating companies: We submit the IRP6 Tax Return for companies which are no longer operating or existing.
  • Income IT14 Tax Return: We prepare and submit the Income Tax IT14 Tax Return on behalf of businesses.
  • Income Tax IT14 Tax Return for closed business: We prepare and submit Income Tax Returns for businesses which closed down and no longer exist or operate.
  • COIDA Return of Earning: We prepare and submit returns of earning to the Compensation Fund.
  • Personal or Individual Tax Return: We prepare and submit individual tax returns to SARS.
  • Monthly EMP501 Employee Tax Returns: We prepare and submit monthly Income Tax Return on behalf of employers.
  • Annual and Bi-Annual EMP501 Employee Tax Returns: We prepare and submit annual and twice per year Employee Tax Returns.
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